29 May

THE feast of St. Mary Magdalen, Carmelite nun, whose birthday is on the 25th of this month.— At Rome, on the Aurelian road, the birthday of St. Restitutus, martyr.—At Iconium, a town of Isauria, in the time of the emperor Aurelian, the martyrdom of the Saints Conon and his son, a child twelve years of age, who were laid on a grate over burning coals sprinkled with oil, were racked and exposed to the fire; and finally, having their hands crushed with a mallet, they breathed their last.—The same day, in the time of the emperor Honorius, the birthday of the holy martyrs Sisinius, Martyrius, and Alexander, who were persecuted by the Gentiles of Anaunia, and obtained the crown of martyrdom, as is related by Paulinus in the Life of St. Ambrose.—At Caesarea Philippi, the holy martyrs Theodosia, mother of the martyr St. Procopius, and twelve other noble matrons, who ended their life by decapitation, in the persecution of Diocletian.—In Umbria, the passion of fifteen hundred and twenty-five holy martyrs.— At Treves, blessed Maximus, bishop and confessor, who received with honor the patriarch St. Athanasius, banished by the Arian persecutors.—At Verona, St. Maximus, bishop.—At Arcanum, in Campania, St. Eleutherius, confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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