22 May

AT Rome, the holy martyrs Faustinus, Timothy, and Venustus.—In Africa, the holy martyrs Castus and Aemilius, who consummated their martyrdom by fire. St. Cyprian says that they were overcome in the first combat, but in the second God made them victorious, so that, though at first yielding to the fire, they became finally stronger than the fire.—In Corsica, St. Julia, virgin, who won her crown by being crucified.—At Comana, in Pontus, under the emperor Maximian and the governor Agrippa, the holy martyr Basiliscus, who was forced to wear iron shoes pierced with heated nails, and endured many other trials. Being at last decapitated and thrown into a river, he obtained the glory of martyrdom.—In Spain, St. Quiteria, virgin and martyr.—At Ravenna, St. Marcian, bishop and confessor.—In the diocese of Auxerre, the abbot St. Romanus, who ministered to St. Benedict in his cave. Going later to France, he built a monastery there, and leaving many disciples and imitators of his sanctity, went to rest in the Lord.—At Aquino, St. Fulk, confessor.—At Pistoja, in Tuscany, the blessed Attho, of the Vallumbrosan Order.—At Auxerre, St. Helena, virgin. —At Cassia, in Umbria, blessed Rita, a widow, and nun of the Order of Augustinians, who after being disengaged from her earthly marriage, loved only Christ, her eternal spouse.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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