26 April

AT Rome, the birthday of blessed Cletus, pope who governed the Church the second after the apostle St. Peter, and was crowned with martyrdom in the persecution of Domitian.—In the same city, in the time of Maximian, St. Marcellinus, pope and martyr, who was beheaded for the faith of Christ, with Claudius, Cyrinus, and Antoninus. So great was the persecution at this time that within a month seventeen thousand Christians were crowned with martyrdom.—At Amasea, in Pontus, St. Basileus, bishop and martyr, whose illustrious martyrdom occurred under the emperor Licinius. His body was thrown into the sea, but being found by Elpidiphorus, through the revelation of an angel, it was honorably entombed.—At Braga, in Portugal, St. Peter, martyr, the first bishop of that city.—At Venice, St. Clarence, bishop and confessor.—At Verona, St. Lucidius, bishop.—In the monastery of Centula, St. Richarius, priest and confessor.—At Troyes, St. Exuperantia, virgin.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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