20 April

AT Rome, the holy martyrs Sulpicius and Servilian, who were converted to the faith of Christ by the discourses and the miracles of the holy virgin Domitilla. Having refused to sacrifice to the idols, they were beheaded by Anian, prefect of the city, in the persecution of Trajan.—The same day, the holy martyrs Victor, Zoticus, Zeno, Acindinus, Caesareus, Severian, Chrysophorus, Theonas, and Antoninus, who suffered martyrdom after undergoing various trials.—At Tomis, in Scythia, St. Theotimus, bishop, whose great sanctity and miracles procured him the veneration of unbelieving barbarians.—At Embrun, in France, St. Marcellin, first bishop of that city, who by divine inspiration came from Africa with his holy companions Vincent and Domninus, and converted to the faith of Christ the greatest portion of the inhabitants of the maritime Alps, by his preaching and the wonderful prodigies, which he still continues to work.—At Auxerre, St. Marcian, a priest. —The same day, St. Theodore, confessor, surnamed Trichinas, from the rough hair garment which he wore. He was renowned for many miracles, but especially for his power over the demons. From his body issues a liquid which imparts health to the sick.—At Monte Pulciano, St. Agnes, a virgin, of the Order of St. Dominic, celebrated for miracles.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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