11 April

AT Rome, St. Leo, pope and confessor, who was surnamed the Great on account of his extraordinary merits. He gave the seal of his authority to the holy council of Chalcedon, which was held in his time and which condemned Eutyches through his legates. After having merited the gratitude of the Church of God and the whole flock of Christ by the many decrees which he issued and the many excellent treatises which he wrote, this good and zealous shepherd rested in peace.—At Pergamus, in Asia, St. Antipas, a faithful witness, of whom St. John speaks in the Apocalypse. Under the emperor Domitian, he was shut up in a red-hot brazen ox, and thus consummated his martyrdom.—At Salona, in Dalmatia, the holy martyrs Domnion, a bishop, and eight soldiers.—At Gortina, in Crete, in the time of Marcus Antoninus Verus and Lucius Aurelius Commodus, St. Philip, a bishop most renowned for merit and doctrine, who defended the church entrusted to his care against the fury of the Gentiles, and the wiles of the heretics;—At Nicomedia, St. Eustorgius, a priest.—At Spoleto, St. Isaac, monk and confessor, whose virtues are recorded by pope St. Gregory.—At Gaza, in Palestine, St. Barsanuphius, an anchoret, in the time of the emperor Justinian.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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