4 April

AT Seville, in Spain, St. Isidore, a bishop eminent for sanctity and learning, who shed lustre on his country by his zeal for the Catholic faith, and the observance of ecclesiastical discipline.—At Thessalonica, in the time of the emperor Maximian and the governor Faustinus, the holy martyrs Agathopodes, a deacon, and Theodulus, a lector, who, for the confession of the Christian faith, were thrown into the sea with stones tied to their necks.—At Milan, the demise of St. Ambrose, bishop and confessor, through whose labors, learning and miracles, almost all Italy returned to the Catholic faith, at the time when the perfidious Arian heresy was widely diffused.—At Constantinople, St. Plato, a monk, who for many years combated with invincible courage the heretics that were breaking sacred images.—In Palestine, the anchoret St. Zozimus, who buried the remains of St. Mary of Egypt.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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