19 March

IN Judea, the birthday of St. Joseph, spouse of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Pius IX., yielding to the desires and prayers of the whole Catholic world, declared him Patron of the Universal Church. —At Sorrento, the holy martyrs Quinctus, Quinctilla, Quartilla, and Mark, with nine others.—At Nicomedia, St. Pancharius, a Roman, who was beheaded under Diocletian, and thus received the crown of martyrdom.—The same day, the holy bishops Apollonius and Leontius.—At Ghent the Saints Landoaldus, a Roman priest, and the deacon Amantius, who were sent to preach the Gospel by pope St. Martin, and after their death became illustrious by many miracles.—At Civita-di-Penna, the birthday of blessed John, a man of great holiness, who came from Syria into Italy, where he constructed a monastery, and, after having been the spiritual guide of many servants of God for forty-four years, rested in peace, renowned for great virtue.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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