8 March

AT Granada, in Spain, St. John of God, founder of the Order of the Brothers Hospitallers, celebrated for his mercy to the poor, and his contempt of self. Pope Leo XIII. declared him heavenly patron of hospitals and the infirm.—At Antinous, a city of Egypt, the birthday of the holy martyr Philemon, and the deacon Apollonius. As they firmly refused to sacrifice to the idols when they were apprehended and brought before the judge, they had their heels transpierced, were barbarously dragged through the city, and finally consummated their martyrdom by the edge of the sword.—Also, in the same place, the passion of the Saints Arian, governor, Theoticus and three others, who were submerged in the sea by order of the judge. Their bodies were brought to the shore by dolphins.—At Nicomedia, St. Quinctilis, bishop and martyr.—At Carthage, St. Pontius, deacon of bishop St. Cyprian, who remained in banishment with him until his death, and composed an excellent history of his life and martyrdom. By ever glorifying God in his own sufferings, he merited the crown of life.—Also in Africa, the Saints Cyril, bishop, Rogatus, Felix, another Rogatus, Beata, Herenia, Felicitas, Urbanus, Sylvanus, and Mamillus.—At Toledo, in Spain, the demise of blessed Julian, bishop and confessor, most celebrated for his sanctity and learning.—In England, St. Felix, bishop, who converted the East-Angles to the faith.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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