3 March

AT Caesarea, in Palestine, during the persecution of Valerian, the holy martyrs Marinus, soldier, and Asterius, senator. The former was examined by the judge on the charge laid against him by his fellow-soldiers of being a Christian, and as he admitted the accusation in no uncertain tone, he was beheaded and thus received the crown of martyrdom. His mutilated body was taken up by Asterius on his shoulders, and wrapped in the garment which he himself wore. This service gained for Asterius immediately the palm of martyrdom as a reward for the honors which he had given to a martyr.—In Spain, the birthday of the holy martyrs Hermiterius and Cheledonius, soldiers in the army at Leon, a city of Galicia. On the approach of a persecution they went to Calahorra, in order to confess the name of Christ, and after enduring many torments there, they were crowned with martyrdom.—The same day, the passion of the Saints Felix, Luciolus, Fortunatus, Marcia, and their companions.—Also, the holy soldiers Cleonicus, Eutropius, and Basiliscus, who gloriously triumphed by the death of the cross under the governor Asclepiades during the persecution of Maximian.—At Brescia, St. Titian, bishop and confessor.—At Bamberg, the empress St. Cunegundes, who preserved her virginity with the consent of her husband, the emperor Henry I. She terminated a life rich in meritorius good deeds with a holy death and worked many miracles afterward.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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