10 February

ON Mount Cassino, St. Scholastica, a virgin, whose soul her brother, St. Benedict, the abbot, saw leaving her body in the form of a dove, and ascending to heaven.—At Rome, the holy martyrs Zoticus, Irenaeus, Hyacinthus, and Amantius.—In the same place, on the Lavican road, ten holy soldiers, martyrs.—Also at Rome, on the Appian way, St. Soteres, virgin and martyr, who was descended of a noble race, as St. Ambrose testifies, but for the love of Christ set at naught the consular and other dignities of her family. On her refusal to sacrifice to the gods, she was for a long time cruelly buffeted. After she had overcome various other torments, she was struck with the sword, and joyfully went to her heavenly spouse.—In Campania, St. Silvanus, bishop and confessor.—At Maleval, in the diocese of Siena, St. William, a hermit.—In the diocese of Rouen, St. Austreberta, a virgin renowned for miracles.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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