17 January

IN Thebais, St. Anthony, abbot and spiritual guide of many monks. He was most celebrated for his life and miracles, of which St. Athanasius has written a detailed account. His sacred body was found by divine revelation, during the reign of the emperor Justinian, and brought to Alexandria, Where it was buried in the church of St. John the Baptist.—At Langres, in the time of Marcus Aurelius, the saints Speusippus, Eleusippus, and Meleusippus, born at one birth, who were crowned with martyrdom, together with their grandmother Leonilla.—At Rome, the finding of the holy martyrs Diodorus, priest, Marian, deacon, and their companion. Whilst they were commemorating the birthdays of the martyrs in a sand-pit, the entrance was closed by the persecutors, and the vault over them broken down, and they thus obtained the palm of martyrdom in the reign of pope St. Stephen.—At Bourges, the demise of St. Sulpicius, surnamed Pius, whose life and precious death are adorned with glorious miracles.—At Rome, in the monastery of St. Andrew, the blessed monks Anthony, Merulus, and John, of whom pope St. Gregory speaks in his writings.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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