11 January

AT Rome, the birthday of St. Hyginus, pope, who suffered a glorious martyrdom in the persecution of Antoninus.—In Africa, blessed Salvius, martyr, on whose birthday St. Augustine preached to the people of Carthage.—At Alexandria, the holy martyrs Peter, Severus, and Leucius.—At Fermo, in the Marches, St. Alexander, bishop and martyr.—At Amiens, St. Salvius, bishop and martyr.—At Brindisi, St. Leucius, bishop and confessor.—In Cappadocia, in a village called Magariassum, St. Theodosius, abbot, who, after great sufferings for the Catholic faith, finally rested in peace.—In Thebais, St. Palaemon, abbot, who was the teacher of St. Pachomius.—At Suppentonia, near Mount Soractes, the holy monk Anastasius, and his companions, who were called by a voice from heaven to enter the kingdom of God.—At Pavia, St. Honorata, virgin.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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